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  1. Beneficiaries

The right to obtain the 5 year residence permit under law 4146/2013 is awarded to the following:

  1. Citizens of third countries owning real estate property in Greece, the value of which is amounts to at least 250.000 euro. This requirement is also met in cases of ownership of multiple estates of lesser value, provided that their total value supersedes 250.000 euro. The residence permit is also issued in cases where the paid amount of purchase was less than 250.000 euro but the current value of the property exceeds that limit. The right to obtain a residence permit is also awarded to those who became owners of real estate by donation or parental grant. In cases of co-ownership where the total value of the estate exceeds 250.000 euro but the value of the partial ownership right of each owner doesn’t, the residence permit is awarded only in cases of spouses with undivided ownership. In any other case the right of residence is awarded only if each individual co-owner has paid an amount of at least 250.000 euro. Lastly, the right for a residence permit is also awarded to third country citizens who have bought a piece of land inside of which they have constructed a building if the total value of the land purchase along with the construction cost exceeds 250.000 euro.
  2. In cases where the purchase of real estate valued at least 250.000 euro has been realized through a legal entity, the right to acquire a residence permit is awarded to the shareholder or partner as long as he possesses the entirety of shares/stakes/holdings.
  3. Citizens of third countries who have shown a proven interest in acquiring real estate in Greece valued at least 250.000 euro. Their intention is presumed through documents proving their financial status and ability (e.g. A Class Bank certificate or other official financial organization) in order to confirm the existence of bank accounts or other financial securities, e.g. shares or bonds, amounting to at least 250.000 euro. Furthermore their intention for purchase also needs to be proven by providing a relevant contract agreement with a real estate agency or law firm.
  4. Citizens of third countries who have signed a timeshare lease or lease of hotel facilities – furnished residences in tourist complexes for at least 10 years, provided that the minimum amount of the lease amounts 250.000 euro. In cases of lease of hotel facilities – furnished tourist residences, the lump sum payment of the above amount needs to be referenced in the relevant lease contract.
  5. The family members of the above third countries citizens (i.e. the spouses and their underage unmarried children. If the children belong to only one of the spouses it is required that said parent has their custody). For the children of third countries citizens who have been accepted in Greece, a separate residence permit is awarded after they turn 18 which is renewed on a yearly basis until they reach the age of 21.
  6. II. Required documents

General Documents

  1. Application
  2. Three color photographs (recent)
  3. Health Certificate by a Greek hospital or Health Institute confirming that the applicant does not suffer by a disease which endangers public health (in cases where the applicant has been awarded a type D visa he can alternatively use the health certificate he submitted before the Consulate)
  4. Certificate by an insurance institution for the cover of potential hospitalization/medical expenses.

Specific documents

Furthermore and depending on the case the following documents are additionally required:

– In cases of residence permit applications due to real estate ownership

  1. A copy of the purchase contract or the notary act of donation or parental grant for the estate.
  2. Notary affirmation that the terms of article 6 par. 2 of law 4146/2013 are met.

iii. Proof of registration of the estate to the respective Land Registry.

  1. In cases where the amount of 250.000 euro is covered in total by both the purchase of the land along with the cost of the building construction it is additionally required to submit: the contractor agreement, the building permit and the invoices of the contractor for the respective payments.
  2. In cases where the application is submitted by the shareholder/partner of a legal entity through which the real estate has been purchased, a copy of the articles of association is also required to be submitted, confirming that the applicant shareholder/partner owns the totality of the shares/stakes/holdings.
  • In cases of residence permit applications due to 10year leases (either timesharing or of hotel/tourist establishments)
  1. A copy of the agreement or a notary lease document where either the yearly rental cost (for timeshare leases) or the lump sum payment of the total lease cost (for hotel/tourist establishments leases) is recorded. For the latter cases, a reference in the contract is also required stating that the Greek Organization of Tourism has approved the operation of the establishment.
  2. Proof of registration of the estate to the respective Land Registry.

iii. In cases of timeshare leases a certificate by the Greek Organization of Tourism must also be submitted stating that it has received knowledge of said lease agreement.


  • In cases of residence permit applications by the family members of the owner/leaseholder beneficiary.

A recent Family Status Certificate by the state of origin proving the relevant family relationship.

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