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          For the issuance of the 5 year residence permit due to purchase/lease of real estate in Greece, valued over 250.000 euro, it is required as a prerequisite that the person concerned has been granted a visa for entering the country.

Type D visa provides the most benefits since the beneficiary is awarded the right to multiple entrances and free movement inside and between the member states of the Schengen Treaty being, while its effective duration extends up to one year. Nonetheless, the right to obtain a residence permit is also awarded to people with a different type of visa or those seeking asylum.

Conditions and required documents

The competent authorities for the provision of type D visa are the Greek Consulates of the state of residence of the applicant. The person who wishes to be granted a type D long term national visa needs to appear in person before the Consulate, submit the required documents, declare the purpose for entering and staying in the country and lastly, pay the required fees.

The required documents are as follow:

  1. Filled out and singed application for the grant of long term visa, along with a recent color picture.
  2. Valid passport of other official travel document. The document has to have been issued during the past decade, have at least two blank pages and its period of validity has to extend for at least three months after the date of departure from the state of destination.

iii. Certificate of criminal record from the authorities of the state of origin of the applicants certifying their criminal status. In cases where a court decision has been issued against the applicant, the competent consulate authority evaluates ad hoc whether or not he/she should be considered a threat for the national safety of Greece.

  1. Medical Certificate issued by a certified public or private institution certifying that the applicant doesn’t suffer from any contagious diseases and in general isn’t a threat for national public health.
  2. Documents of travel insurance with a period of validity equal to the provided visa duration, covering the expenses that may occur under certain circumstances during the applicant’s stay at the country of destination.

The competent consulate authority in some cases and in order to evaluate and ensure the fulfillment of every condition for granting type D visa may request from the applicant some additional of the above documents.

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